StateWide Assistive Technology, Augmentative and Alternative Communication

The Colorado Department of Education’s school-based SWAAAC teams provide multidisciplinary Assistive Technology services to enable students with disabilities equal access to the curriculum and full participation in their education and classroom. There are over 60 participating school districts and 500 SWAAAC team members across the state of Colorado.

What's New?

January SWAAAC Webinar

Becky Breaux joined us for our January Blackboard conference and aswered a variety of AT questions. If you missed it, you can listen to the recorded conference. View the Blackboard Collaborate recording. This may take a few minutes to download.

Evidence Based Implementation

Finding time to stay current with the literature on technology and special education is tough. Dave Edyburn's "What Have We Learned Lately?" website may help in this regard. Each year Dr. Edyburn reviews dozens of journals to choose the articles he finds most relevant. His "Best of the Year" list for 2013 focuses pretty heavily on evidence based implementation. You can find his picks for the last 9 years here:

October SWAAAC Webinar

Mira Monroe, CDE Principal Consultant, joined us to discuss Colorado Standardized Assessment Accommodations. View the Blackboard Collaborate recording . This may take a few minutes to download.

iPad Oath

Do your students sign an oath before accessing your district's iPads or tablets? Take a look at this great example developed by Lisa Johnson

Switch Accessible Apps - Non AAC

Here is a link to the Bridging apps list of switch accessible, non-AAC apps.

September SWAAAC Webinar

Did you miss the September SWAAAC webinar with Ruth Ziolkowski, President of Don Johnston? View the recorded session here. This may take a few minutes to download.

Important Dates to Remember

Universal Design for Learning & Differentiated Instruction

-with Kirk Behnke M.Ed., ATP

June 23, 2014

Location: Colorado Springs, UCCS

Distance Locations: Denver, Durango, Haxtun

For more information and registration